Commercial Plumbing

Why CJ Plumbing & Heating

Having been in the industry for over two decades, we have served a diverse set of clientele and network of users. Our plumbers are dedicated to customer satisfaction and deliver top services.


CJ Plumbing & Heating is here to ensure that your commercial building can operate non-stop through our perfect plumbing services.

Even the smallest leak or a clogged drain left untreated can lead to the shutting down of your building. This can further lead to a great loss to your business and is an overwhelming thought. But, with the extensive services of CJ Plumbing & Heating, you can focus on your business and leave the plumbing work in our trusted hands. We have been provisioning the commercial building of the greater Chicago area with optimum plumbing services for the last 3 decades. We know the ins and outs of typical plumbing issues in the commercial building of Chicago which is why we promise to exceed your expectations through our rich expertise.

Why Choose us?

The plumbers at CJ Plumbing & Heating are licensed and highly skilled. They are thoroughly trained before their inclusion in our company to ensure that our customers get a satisfactory experience every single time. Being licensed, they are familiar with all the rules and regulations of the city. If the plumbing service for your building needs a permit, they will get one for you in no time.

The friendly nature of our plumbers is another added plus which allows a flexible, customized service for your building. We have incorporated the latest technologies to provide modernized solutions for your problems. Even if you have a major problem in your main sewer line and need an excavation, we have the most advanced system to perform the excavation in no time.

Alternatively, we can use modern techniques such as an epoxy lining or pipe bursting to solve the issue without trenching. We use infrared technology to locate the hidden leaks inside your walls which comprise the structural strength of your building. For clogged drains resulting in slow water drainage and foul smell, we can use video camera inspection, water jetting, and other techniques to clean them as fast and as efficiently as possible. The combination of these technologies with the expertise of our plumbers exposes you to a hassle-free and quick process.

Our plumbers are at your disposal 24*7 and strive for their quick response. We understand the importance of your time which is why we promise the fastest service in the greater Chicago area. People often assume that such high-quality and quick service will have a higher price. Well, call us today to get a quote and we promise that our competitive price will surprise you.

Quick Response

We understand your urgent need which is why our plumbers are available 24*7. As soon as you make the call, we initiate the process of sending one of our experts.

Licensed Plumbers

We abide by all the rules and regulations for providing a standard high-quality service. We even have a licensed gas inspector to provide and gas leak related services.

Transparent Process

We keep our customers in the loop through our whole process. We inform them about any changes prior to implementation. There are no hidden costs that you need to worry about when calling CJ Plumbing & Heating.

Thorough Testing

No matter what our task is - installation, repair, or maintenance, we always perform thorough testing. This testing is to ensure the quality of our service and to make sure that you have a long-lasting solution.

Advanced Methodologies

We always keep ourselves updated with the latest tools and technologies to provide the most optimum solution. From minimal repair needs to bigger we have you covered.


With a long history of satisfied customers gained over the years, CJ Plumbing & Heating has achieved the title of “trustworthy plumbers”.

Lost Prices

We strive for our most competitive prices. We don’t sacrifice the quality of our service which is why we are the number one choice for residential plumbing needs of Chicago residents.


The friendly nature of our plumbers makes them easy to communicate with. They understand your needs clearly and modify the process as per your requirements resulting in a flexible residential plumbing service.

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