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Commercial Gas Leak

Whether it is detection or repair, commercial gas leaks need an immediate response. An unattended gas leak can lead to unimaginable destruction. It is imperative to get a gas leak fixed as soon as you detect one. If you are getting higher gas bills, call for professional help because chances are that there is a small gas leak, having the potential to turn into a big disaster. For detecting bigger gas leaks, look for a rotten egg smell, a hissing sound, bubbles in standing water, or swirling dirt with the absence of wind. Apart from these indicators, if you gas infrastructure is old, you should get it replaced with a new one because the old gas infrastructure is more susceptible to leaks and breakage.

Major gas leak cases

In April of 2019, there was a commercial gas leak in the northern Chicago suburb in which 37 people got hurt and 7 were in critical conditions fighting between life and death. The leak was caused in a container of gas which was left unattended for hours. Even though the leak was contained in a few hours, the dangerous chemicals from this gas caused extensive breathing problems for the people who came in contact with the gas. This predicament adds to the cruciality of getting a commercial gas leak repaired at the earliest.

Steps to fix a gas leak

Initially, our certified gas leak inspector visits your location with state-of-the-art equipment for detection. Using such equipment, he identifies the exact location of the gas leak. If the leak is inside the building or outside the building but above ground, the gas expert will stop the main supply, take the pipe apart, and reconnects it after repairing. One leak may indicate the possibility of other leaks which is why our gas expert checks the gas leak near the previous leak and in the most common locations such as gas meter, connections and supply to appliances. After the process is completed, the main supply is started again and the gas inspector conducts thorough testing. For the leaks outside and under the ground, we have the best equipment for excavating and replacing the broken pipes. Our comprehensive service ensures a long-lasting solution to your problem.

Gas can stop your business for a long time

An unattended gas leak eventually leads to a bigger problem. If the magnitude of gas increases, it can result in the destruction of your commercial building. In other cases, if the root cause of the leak is not eradicated, it may result in multiple leaks inside your building which can force you to stop your business for a long time and get the whole building checked thoroughly. Therefore, on even slightest indication, call CJ Plumbing & Heating for your gas leaks repair done right.

At CJ Plumbing & Heating, we have a considerable number of gas leak experts who are licensed and certified. Therefore, when it comes to a gas leak, you should call your trusted neighborhood plumbers from CJ Plumbing & Heating. We understand the grave importance of gas leak repair and detection which is why we offer the fastest response and equally faster repair. We provide the cheapest, high-quality service in the greater Chicago region. Call us today to enjoy our unblemished services of inspection, replacing the old gas infrastructure, or attending to a gas leak at the earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gas leaks are not that often, but it depends upon your gas infrastructure. If you are having multiple gas leaks you need to upgrade the old infrastructure.

No. Only certified and licensed plumbers should be allowed to repair a gas leak otherwise it may do more harm than good.

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