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Winterizing Pipes

If you are a resident of the greater Chicago region, you are aware of the severe cold weather of this area. This harsh weather has resulted in a plethora of problems for the residents among which is the extensive damage to pipes. The low temperature causes the water inside the pipes to freeze. Considering the scientific fact that water expands on freezing, the expansion exerts a high pressure on the walls of the pipes which leads to leaks and breaks, therefore, causing extensive water damage. In order to prevent this damage to the pipes and save you a lot of hassle and money, winterizing the pipes is your salvation. Winterizing is the process of protecting the pipes against freezing temperature especially when the house is expected to be vacant for a long period of time and the pipes will have still water. This process involves some basic practices which, when followed properly, ensure optimum protection of the pipes in winters.

How to keep pipes from freezing

Abide by the following steps to make sure you winterize the pipes in your household, properly.

1. Before you initiate any process, you have to shut off the main water valve and the water pump.
2. Create a list of all the taps and valves in your house. Make sure that all these are kept open throughout the winter before leaving the house vacant. This makes sure that there is no water inside the pipes which is susceptible to freezing.
3. In case there is water inside the pipes, use an air compressor to blow it out.
4. Drain the water from the holding tank or add antifreeze.
5. Remove the water from the tank and bowls of your toilet through flush.
6. If there are any pipes that have water inside which can not be removed such as the water in the toilet, adding antifreeze will prevent any potential damage.
7. You need to inspect the exterior of your house and look for any cracks or openings. Use caulking or spray foam to seal them in order to prevent the cold air from entering the house. In addition, maintain a heating source inside the house to prevent the pipes from freezing.
8. Insulation sleeves, heat tapes, or slip-on foam are the most common and proven insulation technique. But, these techniques require some safety rules that you should follow especially when using heating tapes. Also, it is imperative to make sure that there are no gaps left during insulation of the pipes.
9. Keeping a faucet dripping is another trick to keep the water moving and protect it from freezing in the pipe.
10. Hose bibs are often forgotten. You can use hose bib covers for their insulation and protect them from the cold. These covers are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to protect hose bibs and faucets.


Home winterization services

At CJ Plumbing and Heating, we provide optimum winterization services in the greater Chicago region. We understand your need for a vacation and we make sure that you are able to enjoy a time away from your house without constantly worrying about the plumbing problems. We have been catering to the plumbing needs of the Chicago residents since 1991 and we have high expertise in protecting your home from the chilly temperatures. Our home winterization services cover the pipes, bathroom and kitchen fixes, and other appliances which are often neglected such as hose bibs or the clothes washer.

What to do if your pipe freezes

If your pipe freezes, the first thing you should do before unfreezing it is shut off the main water supply. The reason behind this is that the frozen water may be acting as a stoppage for the water to spill out from hidden cracks. You may use a heater, heat lamp, or a hairdryer to thaw the pipes but in any case, do not use open flame devices such as blowtorch. Above all, the ideal thing to do in case your pipe freezes is to call a licensed plumber.

Easy Steps To Winterize Your Home’s Plumbing


Pipe Heat Tape

Heating tapes are one of the best electric solutions to combat the modern record-breaking cold. These tapes are used to cover the pipes to provide insulation and come with a power indicator light indicating their heating activity. They also come with an in-built thermostat which automatically turns the tape on and off depending on the temperature, to save electricity. However, you need to follow some critical safety rules to use these tapes. For the utmost safety, reach out to a licensed plumber.

Insulate your pipes

Insulation is one of the proven and most efficient ways of protecting your pipes from the severe cold and one of the cheapest ways too. There are numerous choices for insulation available at your nearest hardware or plumbing store. Heating tape, wrapping sheets and tubes made of polyethylene or fibreglass are some of the best available products. But, insulating the pipes takes a lot of time and needs extra precision. Call us today and we will send one of our licensed plumbers at your place to make you winter-ready in no time.

Seal Any Cracks In Your Walls

The cracks in the walls of your household serve as the entry point for the cold winds. This further leads to the freezing of the pipes inside your house resulting in extensive damage. A thorough inspection of the wall will reveal any cracks or openings. These cracks must be sealed to prevent damage to your pipes. Caulking or spray foam are prominently used to fill these cracks and seal them off.

More Actions For Pipe Heated

Other than the conventional methodologies, there are several other techniques to safeguard your pipes from the chilly weather. For instance, heated water hoses are extremely beneficial for fulfilling the irrigation needs even in winters. The rubber or walls of these hoses comes with electrically conducting wires which provide heat and prevent freezing of the hose. The heating cord and heating cables are other recognizable products which operate on the same principle as of the heating tapes but are more flexible and easy to use.

Call For An Estimate

We at CJ Plumbing & Heating understand the importance of proper winterization to safeguard your pipes and protect you from huge potential expenditure and hassle. Our licensed and highly skilled plumbers provide fast and high-quality service in the greater Chicago area at the cheapest rates. Call us today to get an estimate for winterizing your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Winterizing your pipes will save them from freezing due to the severe cold in the greater Chicago area. If proper winterizing is not done, your pipes will incur leaks or breaks due to freezing which will result in a greater expenditure.
There are several ways you can insulate water pipes:
Insulating with strips of pipe wrap
Using foam pipe sleeves
Adding wall insulation
Using faucet covers on outdoor spigots
Installing outdoor spigots
Insulating gaps within the walls

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