Sump Pumps & Injectors

Why CJ Plumbing & Heating

Having been in the industry for over two decades, we have served a diverse set of clientele and network of users. Our plumbers are dedicated to customer satisfaction and deliver top services.

Sump Pumps

Installation, repair, or replacement, CJ Plumbing & Heating offers the most extensive sump pump services in the greater Chicago area, both for residential and commercial purpose. We are a community of licensed, and highly experienced plumbers catering to the need of residents in greater Chicago area since 1991. We emphasize providing a strong foundation for flood control in your home with our eminent backup sump pumps. Through this, we ensure the optimum protection for your basement appliances which in turn saves you a considerable amount of money and hassle. Apart from our best-in-class installation of sump pumps, we strive for our maintenance, designing, and thorough repair service.

Sump Pump Installation

When it comes to protecting your house from potential floods, Sump pumps are your salvation. The potential floods are a result of a higher water table which causes a water leakage that can be prevented and controlled using a sump pump. A sump pump is specifically designed to serve this purpose and provide more security for your basement and appliances. Our expert plumbers are at your disposal to carry out the complex installation of a sump pump in your basement.

Sump Pump Replacement

If your sump pump is making strange noises, clogging, running constantly, or is old, we are here to provide you the finest sump pump replacement experience in the Chicago area. We know our stuff and we are the best at what we do. Don’t wait for the next big rainstorm to destroy your basement and appliances, reach out to us and we will take care of the rest.

Sump Pump Repair

The most prevailing issues with regards to sump pumps are improper installations, stuck switch, clogging, noises, or basin overfilling. Ignoring these signs will open the doors (pipes in this case) for that high-water levels to flood your house. Call CJ plumbing & Heating services today to ensure a comprehensive safety for your basement appliances from these potential floods.

Ejector Pumps

Get the highest quality ejector pump to effectively handle all the waste for residential as well as commercial purposes. At CJ Plumbing & Heating, you will be exposed to a broad inventory of supreme quality ejector pumps varying from standard to heavy-duty range with varying warranties. Whether it is installation, repair, or replacement of an ejector pump, our expert plumbers promise fast and high-quality service.

Ejector Pump Installation

Ejector pumps are like the bigger sibling of sump pumps. They require more expertise, better handling, flawless installation, and proven experience. At CJ Plumbing & Heating, we promise to meet all these requirements and provide you with much more. Generally, we install the ejection pump inside the buried tank that holds your waste. We then connect this ejector pump with the main sewer line through a discharge pipe. If/When your tank gets full, the water level sensor activates the ejector pump and then this pump effectively clears out the waste.

Ejector Pump Replacement

If your ejector pump stops working and you need an immediate replacement, CJ Plumbing & Heating has got you covered. Even for this complex process of ejector pump replacement, we promise a fast and smooth service to our customers. Just give us a call and we will send one of our expert plumbers for your repairs done right.

Ejector Pump Repair

If the ejector pump at your house is performing inconsistently, you need a repair before it is too late. We at CJ Plumbing & Heating make sure that you get instant service to save you from a bigger loss. However, if your ejector pump is continuously in need of repair, we also provide the best replacement services.

CJ Plumbing & Heating is the most preferable plumbing company in the Chicago area. We belong to the elite section of plumbers, possessing comprehensive knowledge with regards to our work. We strive for the fastest, unblemished services for your immediate needs and we provide all this at a lower cost. Just give us a call and we will send one of our expert plumbers for your repairs done right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experience and skill allow us to perform the fastest sump pump repair in the greater Chicago area. Our plumbers have complete knowledge required to perform any kind of repair on the spot.
If your sump pump is faulty, you can get it repaired to save extra expenditure. However, if it is frequently giving problems, getting a new sump pump will be much cheaper.
If your sump pump is running all the time despite weather conditions, this is a sign of a significant problem you should address as soon as possible. The longer this issue persists, the more overworked your pump becomes and the sooner you’ll have to replace it.

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