Commercial Drains & Sewer Line Repair

Why CJ Plumbing & Heating

Having been in the industry for over two decades, we have served a diverse set of clientele and network of users. Our plumbers are dedicated to customer satisfaction and deliver top services.

Commercial Drain

We use high-precision cameras to get a clear image of the problem. After inspection and identifying the root cause of the problem, we use the best-in-class tools to carry out the repair. Further, we also detect any potential threats and repair them too so that you get a long-lasting solution.

Commercial Main Sewer Line Repair

If there is a clog or leakage in the main sewer line, it can result in devastating effects. Therefore, it is imperative to call a licensed, certified plumber from CJ Plumbing & Heating if you observe any signs of clogging such as slow drainage, water back up, or foul smell. Our techniques include power rodding, hydro-jetting, pipe relining, and kinetic water ram.

Drain cleaning

Our professional plumbers can clean the drain in no time. We use state-of-the-art equipment, like hydro-jet, to clean your drain quickly and properly. An unattended clog will eventually lead to a drastic outcome. If you observe any signs of a clog, call CJ Plumbing & Heating today.

Storm Drain Cleaning

Call the expert plumbers at CJ Plumbing & Heating to make sure that your storm drains are clean. We deliver fast and efficient services to make sure you don’t face problems arising from the standing water in your parking lots, sidewalks, or street. Inclusive of drain camera inspection and hydro-jetting, our comprehensive service ensures an abiding flow of rainwater.

Commercial Drain Repair

Drains are highly prone to the accumulation of debris which eventually results in clogging. Depending on the type of business, such as a restaurant or a hotel, a commercial drain incurs frequent clogging. If a clog becomes too big, you may have to shut down your commercial building for a few days in order to clean it properly. As a result, the pipes wear out and become susceptible to breakage. Whether it is a broken pipe, leakage, corrosion, or clogs, the plumbers at CJ Plumbing & Heating can complete the repair in no time. We use video cameras to detect the problem which is followed by repair with modern solutions. We also specialize in preventing extensive damage to your drain pipes.  A clog can be predicted before it becomes a greater threat. If you observe any foul smell, strange noises, water backing up, or slow drainage, call us today. With hydro-jetting, power rodding, and other techniques, our expert plumbers promise to completely clear the drain and ensure a long-lasting solution.

Commercial Main Sewer Line Repair

A commercial main sewer line is where all the waste from your commercial building escapes.

If there is a leak in your main sewer line, you don’t have to worry about the usually cumbersome process of digging a trench and repairing it. Our experts use modern cutting-edge solutions to repair the pipe. For instance, our expert will use epoxy to fix the leak by providing a lining in the sewer line. This is a trenchless technique, void of high time-consumption or a big mess. Another technique is kinetic water ram where pressure is exerted on the water inside the pipe by using compressed air.

Detect a problem

Whether it is a leak or break, it can and will lead to an inevitable dilemma. But, what if these problems could be prevented? The most common root cause of such problems is clogging, which can be detected easily. If there is a sign of foul smell, strange noise, or slow drainage, you probably have a clog in your drain. Water back up is another prominent indicator of a clogged drain.

Steps to liquidate a problem

Our plumbers can resolve any problem in the drainpipe or the main sewer line of your commercial building. They are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and possess extensive knowledge in using that equipment for an efficient and quick service. We initiate by identifying the source of the problem and resolve it first to halt the damage as well as prevent any future damage. Next, we repair the pipe with the appropriate technique such as epoxy lining or trenching.

Storm drain cleaning

Keeping the storm drains clean is imperative for a commercial building. The excessive rainwater from the parking lots, sidewalks, or paved streets flows through the storm drains into the mainline. Therefore, it is imperative to get your storm drain cleaned because if they are clogged, increased erosion and dangerous driving conditions are just two of the problems that will arise.

CJ Plumbing & Heating provisions a wide array of commercial plumbing services to the Chicago residents. We are a top-notch provider for commercial drain and sewer line repair. Our professional and licensed plumbers can provide the following services, quickly and with the utmost quality. Call us today for an efficient commercial drain and sewer line repair service at the lowest cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main reason behind the clog in your drain is the accumulation of the waste material which is carried by the drain. Another reason can be the roots of a tree extended from the ground. Clogging can also be caused due to breakage or leakage in the pipe.

The only way to make sure that your drains are clean is to get it cleaned regularly. debris don’t get accumulated overnight. They take days if not weeks so by getting it clean regularly, you can be safe from the problems that follow clogging.

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