Commercial Water Leak Service

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Water Leak Services

Water leaks are one of the most prominent problems emerging due to the cold weather conditions of the greater Chicago area. There are a massive number of pipes in a typical commercial building which increases the probability of water leaks. Most of these leaks occur behind the wall or under the floor, and stay hidden for a long time. The water from these leaks gets absorbed by the walls or corrodes the metal used in construction which compromises the structural integrity of the building. If these leaks are not attended to on time, you will face terrible consequences.

Major leak cases

Water leaks, especially the hidden ones, can cause extensive damage to your property and your health. A prolonged water leak leads to the growth of molds which develop unhygienic conditions. The leak also decreases the strength of the building by the swelling of walls and the corrosion of metal used in construction. Higher water bills are the most common outcome. The water from these leaks also causes discoloration of the walls and bad odor. Another major concern is the dampness of metal of your electrical appliances which exposes the metal of these appliances to faster deterioration.

Steps to fix a water leak

Our plumbers follow a standard procedure which involves minimal damage to your property. To fix the hidden leaks, we don’t conduct a hit and trial method. Instead, we use infrared technology to detect the exact source of the leak. Other advanced techniques include electromagnetic pipeline locator and thermal imaging. Once the leak is located, we perform the necessary steps to repair it. In case there is a possibility of multiple leaks in the same space, we also provide the option for installing an alternate pipe route which requires comparatively lesser investment and saves your money. Our high expertise allows us to identify other potential leaks and repair them before they cause any damage. After the repair, our thorough testing ensures that our customers are completely satisfied.

We at CJ Plumbing & Heating understand the need for a quick response to water leaks which is why we provide the fastest service in the greater Chicago area. Our high expertise combined with the latest tools and techniques ensures an optimized service to our customers. We have been serving the Chicago residents for the past 3 decades. Call us today to avail our low cost yet top-notch water leak repair services.

Frequently Asked Questions

A water leak can result in the shutting down of your company for a few days if it is allowed to stay untreated for too long. It can also weaken the structural strength of your building.

No. We at CJ plumbing & heating use the modern and advanced tools which allow us to locate any hidden leaks in your building without breaking any stuff at all.

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