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Commercial Sump Pumps


Commercial Sump Pump Installation

A sump pump is installed in the lowest point of your basement or crawl space which prevents flooding from excessive water. The sump pump removes the water to the nearest drain. In commercial infrastructures designed with basement, subbasement, parking structure, or elevator pits, a sump pump installation is imperative. Installation steps are mentioned below:

1. Identifying the appropriate location for the installation and selecting the perfect sump pump.
2. Installation of sump pumps along with float switches to trigger the automatic removal of excessive water.
3. Designing the drain system to ensure an abiding flow of water from the sump pump.


Commercial Sump Pump Replacement

If the sump pump in your commercial building shows any sign of malfunctioning such as electrical faults, leaked switch, faulty float switch, or clogged intake, it is highly recommended to get it replaced at the earliest. We at CJ Plumbing & Heating provide excellent replacement of the sump pumps to keep your commercial building secured from flooding. Our steps include:

1. Disconnecting the charge line and removing the old sump pump.
2. Leveling the new sump pump to fit perfectly and connecting the discharge lines.
3. Testing the pump by filling water into the pit to ensure proper working.


Commercial Sump Pump Repair

We provide comprehensive services for commercial sump pump repair. Whether it is a problem with your drainage system, clogging in the sump pump pipes, leaks, electrical faults, or fault with float and temperature switch, our licensed plumbers are at your disposal.

Commercial Ejector Pump Service

An ejector pump makes sure that the waste does not accumulate in the lower areas of your building such as basements, parking spaces, and crawl spaces where the gravity proves insufficient. The pump is connected to the main sewer line and ejects that wastewater into the main sewer line. Get a heavy-duty, high-quality ejector pump for your commercial building from CJ Plumbing & Heating along with a perfect installation. Our ejector pumps also include a vent for releasing the harmful gases from the waste material, keeping the foul smell away from the lower sections of your commercial building.

Why Ejector Pumps Are Important for Today’s Homeowners

If you have a bathroom in your basement or a laundry room at a lower level, there is a high probability that the waste from these rooms will not reach the main sewer line and accumulate in the basement. As a result, your basement is flooded with unhygienic waste material and harmful gasses emitted from that waste. By ejecting the waste material to the sewer lines, ejector pumps make sure that you can continue any basement activity, untroubled. Moreover, an ejector pump has become a necessity for Chicago buildings due to the old sewage line infrastructure and their frequent clogging.

How to install an ejector pump

To install an ejector pump in your basement, four tools need to be installed

1. Vent – It acts as an outlet for the harmful gasses produced from the waste material.
2. Basin – It acts as a storage space for the waste before it is pumped.
3. Discharge pipe – Strong pipes acting as an outlet for the waste.
4. Check valve – It monitors the flow of the water

After these tools are installed, you can install the ejector pump to the basin and attach the discharge pipes for the outlet.

At CJ Plumbing & Heating, you will get a wide array of sump pumps and ejectors to perfectly fulfill your requirements. Our experienced and licensed plumbers provide high-quality services for the installation, replacement, or maintenance of these pumps. We provide the cheapest and fastest service in the greater Chicago region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a sump pump in your basement is essential. However, the need for an ejector depends if you have a bathroom or a laundry room in your basement because the ejector pump will push the water from these rooms to the main sewer line and protect your basement from flooding.

To make sure that your building’s basement is safe from flooding, you have to make sure that the sump pump is working properly and the drain system is clean.

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