Gas Leak Detection & Repairs

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Gas Leak Detection

An undetected gas leak can lead to devastating consequences. If you don’t have a gas leak detector installed in your house, watch out for these indications to detect a gas leak. The first and most basic indicator is if there is an unusual smell such as that of rotten eggs. To be sure, listen for any hissing or whistling sound which indicates that a gas line is ruptured. Other indicators are bubbles in standing water, swirling dirt with the absence of wind, and discoloured vegetation.

When and why people need gas leak inspection

If you are getting higher gas bills, chances are that you have a small gas leak. This gas leak may not be dangerous enough to cause an explosion or even does not produces a “rotten egg” smell but this leak is surely costing you a lot of money. However, the small gas leak may have the potential to turn into a more hazardous situation so getting a gas leak inspection should be your number one priority. These leaks are undetectable to the tools available at your nearest store. Therefore, to detect these supposedly “undetectable” leaks, you should seek out a professional service which follows a comprehensive approach to eliminate any personal and financial loss.

When to consider replacing

Old gas line infrastructure is more susceptible to breakage or leakage. Their age plays a significant factor in their durability. If your gas pipes fall under this category, you should consider getting a replacement before things get out of hand. After all, prevention is better than cure. Moreover, if your gas shutoff valve shows any signs of corrosion or is too old that it probably has already corroded, you should get it replaced ASAP. It is also advised to replace the gas infrastructure because of the latest innovations and technological advancements. New and advanced material available in the market has significant benefits over old ones. Don’t wait for a gas leakage to happen and the inevitable loss that follows. Call a professional from CJ Plumbing & Heating to assess your current infrastructure and carry out a replacement, if necessary.

How we inspect a gas leak

Once our professional and certified gas leak inspector completes his thorough process of gas leak inspection, you no longer need to worry about being victimized by a gas leak. Our professional personnel are highly skilled and equipped with state-of-the-art tools to detect gas leaks in your house. Near the gas meter, connections, or the appliance connectors, we detect leaks at all possible locations. We can detect even the smallest gas leak to eradicate the possibility of a gas leak in the future.

What should people do if they feel the gas smell

It is imperative to follow the right protocol when you smell a gas leak.

1. The first thing to remember is DO NOT turn on any electric appliance such as your air conditioner or even your vehicle. Don’t even turn on/off any electrical switch or doorbell as the spark from these devices will ignite the gas.
2. Open all doors and windows so that the gas is not trapped inside your house.
3. Turn off the main gas supply and leave the property.
4. Once everyone is outside, call the national gas emergency number and wait for a gas engineer to arrive at your place. Please make sure that you use the mobile phone only when you are outside the house.


Gas Leak Repair


A couple of common repair cases

Repair of gas leaks requires great precision and expertise. CJ Plumbing & Heating provides a comprehensive and proven gas leak repair service in the greater Chicago region. If there is a gas leak found inside your house, we stop the main gas supply, take the pipe apart, and reconnect to stop the leakage. The same procedure is carried out if the leak is outside and above ground. In case the leak is underground, excavation is needed. We have the best-in-class equipment to replace the underground gas plumbing line. In case a permit is required, we are familiar with all requirements and get the permit at the earliest.


All the replacement and installation material that we provide is of the highest quality and comes with the standard warranty. We make sure that our customers are satisfied with the service and relieved of any future hassle.

A Gas leak calls for an immediate response, high expertise and a quick solution all of which is available at CJ Plumbing & Heating. Our gas service experts are available 24/7. Just give us a call and we will send one of your experts to your place in no time. Our choicest services at the lowest rates are reflected by our satisfied customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Old gas pipes are more susceptible to breakage or leakage which can be life-threatening. Moreover, getting a new infrastructure means your gas infrastructure will be upgraded with the latest advancements which provide better security.

Higher gas bills may indicate that you have a hidden gas leak which is undetectable. Call our licensed gas inspector to get a full inspection of your gas pipes.

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