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Copper Piping

Main features. What Is advance of Copper Piping?

Copper has become the distinguished choice for piping material. The use of copper piping offers a plethora of advantages. For instance, copper is naturally resistant to corrosion. This means, while a steel pipe eventually breaks or leaks due to corrosion, a copper pipe is highly durable. Due to its versatility, it exhibits high performance and sustainability. It can withstand a pressure of 1,000 psi and needs lesser maintenance and repair. It is also a lightweight material which eradicates the need for extensive support to extend. Complementing these features is the cheaper cost of copper pipes. As an added advantage, copper pipes are environment friendly and are also lead-free. This indicates that unlike other materials such as iron and galvanized steel, copper piping does not contaminate water.

What steps to repair copper piping

The repair of copper piping requires a wide array of supplies such as pipe cutter, soldering machine, couplings, depth tool, Emery cloth, Flux, brush and more. In case there is a small leak of a pinhole size, you need to remove less than ½ in. of pipe. Using a pipe cutter, cut the piece, use emery paper to polish the pipe, and then use the soldering machine to repair it with a pipe coupling. However, for bigger leaks, you need to use sweat coupling. The whole process may cost you around $20 if you do it yourself but it will consume a considerable amount of your time(almost one whole day). If you are not familiar with practices like sweat soldering, you should consider calling a professional.

CPVC Piping


Main Features. What is advance of CPVC pipe

The plethora of advantages make Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride pipes or CPVC pipes the ideal piping solution for water utilities. They offer remarkable long-term values. The lightweight characteristic of CPVC pipes enables easier handling, cutting, and installation as well as low shipping costs.  They are also highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion which is why they survive even the harshest conditions such as low ph water. This further allows CPVC pipes to be most suitable for carrying drinking water. A flame is not required to join CPVC pipes. They are joined with cold welding which leads to a leak-free installation and afterwards, easy maintenance and repair. CPVC pipes exhibit great resistance to fire and have a high Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of 60. Due to these features and being environment friendly, CPVC pipes are the ideal solution for superior home plumbing.

Copper Piping vs CPVC piping

Copper piping and CPVC piping are recognized for almost similar features such as their resistance to corrosion but eventually, copper pipes have an upper hand in home plumbing. Copper pipes have been the prominent choice of the Chicago residents for over 70 years while CPVC is not universally compliant. In terms of fire resistance, copper pipes have almost 5-times higher melting point than CPVC pipes. Moreover, CPVC pipes require more careful handling as they are susceptible to cracking or breaking if dropped. On the other hand, copper has more durability both on the job site and after installation. But, the decision of using CPVC pipes or Copper pipes eventually depends upon the specific needs of a house. For instance, a house exposed to more acidic water undoubtedly needs a CPVC piping. Therefore, you should seek out the advice of an expert plumber at CJ Plumbing & Heating, before making the final decision.


For under the slab leaks, rerouting is the best option. There is a high possibility that you will experience multiple leaks if you haven’t already. Therefore, you can opt for rerouting where the plumber will simply bypass the leak area by creating an alternate channel. This will eradicate the need for tearing up the floor and creating a hole in the concrete to fix a small leakage. Rerouting is also beneficial in scenarios where you need a new plumbing line such as for a new bathroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CPVC pipes are the perfect option for a locality which has acidic water. They are resistant to fire and are an eco-friendly option. They can withstand pressure and are corrosion-free. Low shipping cost further adds to the benefits of getting a CPVC pipe.

No. Compared to the potential expenditure in breaking your wall or floor and repairing the leaking pipe which may have more than one leaks, rerouting is relatively cheaper.

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