Water Pressure Booster Pumps

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What Is a Water Pressure Booster Pump?

A water pressure booster pump is a device that assists in increasing the flow where there’s low water pressure. It provides an extra boost that could be needed to bring your water pressure to a more ideal level. A water booster pump could provide pressure to move water from a storage tank or throughout a whole house. This eliminates the possibility of current or future problems with your home’s pressure booster system.

What Are Water Pressure Booster Systems?

A water pressure booster system is a great way to combat the issue of low water pressure. A decrease in the flow of water is followed by an increase in pressure requirement. Regardless of the flow of water from the city supply, one or more pumps installed as a pressure booster system could result in a significant surge of water pressure in your household. These pumps come with a check valve, which is a pressure or flow sensing device. Other core components of a pressure booster pump are a motor, inlet, outlet, and impellers.

Latest pressure booster systems include variable speed pumps, which equip you with further control over pressure fluctuations. Even if one pump fails, the system still works efficiently to provide better water pressure.

Challenges Surrounding Low Water Pressure

The challenges that come with neglecting low water pressure faucets, showers, and toilets are a common dilemma for everyone, as well as the residents of the greater Chicago region. While there are certain ways to increase the water pressure, such as an elevated water tank for example, installing a water pressure booster is the most efficient and guaranteed way of achieving your desired water pressure.

Water pressure booster pumps use compressed air to increase the flow of incoming water from the city supply and give a boost to the outflow of water into your household.

Why You’re Experiencing Low Water Pressure

You may experience low water pressure for several different reasons including gravity, as it drives or slows the water flow. The further you are from the source, the more difficult it becomes for the water to get to you and reach the ideal pressure. Your local water supply line, current water system, or existing plumbing issues can also bring down your water pressure.

The Process of Installing a Water Booster Pump

CJ Plumbing & Heating offers a comprehensive and flawless installation of water pressure booster systems in the greater Chicago area.

Our expert certified plumbers will begin by determining the source of the problem. We ensure that the installation follows local plumbing laws, allowing us to carry out the cuts to the main supply to install the water pressure booster pump. We’ll then use emery paper to clean off the pipe where the pump is to be installed, resulting in a perfect grip. At the end of the process, we install the pump with the outlet reconnecting to the main water. The perfect water pressure booster installation by our plumbers is followed by rigorous testing to ensure the quality of our service and complete customer satisfaction.

Our plumbers also possess knowledge about the electrical needs of the pump, such as the GFCI circuit, so you won’t need to call an electrician. This could result in you saving more money in the end.

Cost of Water Pressure Booster Pumps

The cost of water pressure booster systems come at variable prices, depending on the needs of your household. Here at CJ Plumbing & Heating, we provide an all-in-one service from selecting the right pressure booster to installing it in your house along with the electrical needs. This cuts down the cost of needing to hire electricians or general contractors.

Increase Your Water Pressure with CJ Plumbing & Heating

At CJ Plumbing & Heating, our licensed and highly-skilled plumbers have vast experience in properly repairing, replacing, and installing different kinds of water pressure booster systems without you having to break the bank.

We have incorporated an extensive list of tools, such as dual check valves and pressure reducers, to provide holistic services to our customers. We provide the complete service from selecting the right pressure booster to installing it in your house along with helping with your electrical needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A pressure booster works regardless of the flow of the water from the city supply. The water pump in the pressure booster system increases the speed of water to give the required pressure.

The number of pumps that you need depends on the flow of water available to your house and other factors such as elevation. Our licensed plumber inspects your place and suggests a suitable system for your needs.

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