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Having been in the industry for over two decades, we have served a diverse set of clientele and network of users. Our plumbers are dedicated to customer satisfaction and deliver top services.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals prevent the clogging of food scraps in your sink. It is a device mounted to the underneath of your sink which accumulates the food scraps from the drainpipe, breaks them down to smaller pieces, and then pushes them into the drain with a heavy flow of water. As a result, garbage disposals reduce your work and you get to enjoy your meals without worrying about collecting the food waste to throw it out later. It further reduces the need for using plastic and paper every day as there is much less food to throw out.

Garbage Disposals Installation

Installing garbage disposal underneath your sink is a straightforward task. However, a small mistake in the installation process can result in the loss of the whole machine. The electrical wiring skills and pluming expertise are two critical factors defining the success of the installation of garbage disposal. The experienced and certified plumbers at CJ Plumbing & Heating ensure that you receive a flawless installation and ultimately make sure that you never have to worry again about the food scraps in your sink.

Guaranty of a perfect installation

We at CJ Plumbing and Heating have been catering to the needs of the residents of the greater Chicago region ever since 1991. We understand the need for a clean kitchen by your customers which is why we offer best-in-class garbage disposal services. Our highly skilled and experienced plumbers offer a fast and unblemished installation. What makes our installation perfect is our promise for long-term value. We strive for the quality of our services and our products that require minimal repair as witnessed by our happy customers. Call us today to equip your kitchen with the best garbage disposal at minimal hassle.

Our Steps
Our plumbers bring vast experience in garbage disposal installation to the table. Have a look at the extensive process followed by the plumbers at CJ Plumbing & Heating to ensure a perfect installation of garbage disposal in your kitchen.

1. The process is initiated by getting familiar with all the parts of the disposal along with their wiring needs. The parts are handled with the utmost care. We first remove the cover plate of the disposal and then connect it with a power cord if it is not already connected.
2. After completing the wiring, we move forward to the installation of the sink drain flange. It is a metal disk installed at the entrance of the drain pipe. This step also includes the precise attachment of the backup ring, the fiber, or rubber gasket.
3. The process is followed by the installation of the mounting ring with perfect alignment. A watertight seal is ensured by the gasket to ensure that there is no water leakage.
4. After rigorous testing, the disposal is then attached to this mounting ring with the disposal outlet facing the drain pipe connection. A disposal wrench is used to attach the disposal.
5. Finally, we connect the disposal with the discharge pipe also known as P-trap. Disposals come in different sizes so for this step, our plumber measures the length of the required discharge tube. Using a hacksaw or tubing cutters, a precise length of discharge tube is cut and with its attachment, the installation is complete. The dishwasher discharge tube is also attached to this inlet in case there is a line between the disposal and the dishwasher.
6. Our services do not end at this extensive installation process. After it is completed, our plumbers spend a considerable amount of time testing the newly installed garbage disposal. This includes running water into the sink, turning on the disposal, checking for leaks, and tightening the fittings if required.

Why Better Ask The Master?

CJ Plumbing & Heating is a prestigious plumbing company in the greater Chicago region, especially in kitchen plumbing. Our expertise and deep insight into the disposal needs of Chicago residents equips us with the optimum knowledge and adequate skills to ensure that our customers don’t face any difficulty in their day-to-day garbage disposal use.

Garbage Disposals Repair

Why Better Ask The Master?

It is no secret that electrical appliances do not last forever. After years of providing you the ease in disposing of food scraps, garbage disposals eventually become susceptible to repair or replacement. If a garbage disposal repair is delayed, it increases the chances of replacement for the whole appliance. The most common indicators that you need repair are slow drainage of garbage, jamming of disposal, strange noises, and smelly disposal. Even a water leak from the rings around the drain hole which is often overlooked by most people may result in hefty damage.

Our steps to repair

With garbage disposals, things are not always what they seem. Strange noise or slow drainage may require a repair for the motor or the blades may be broken resulting in unsuccessful grinding of food waste. The plumbers at CJ Plumbing & Heating are aware of the distinct repair needs which is why they perform a thorough examination of the problem before the repair. Just give us a call and we will send one of our licensed, expert plumbers at your place. He will initiate the examination of the problem by running some basic tests and keep you informed in each step. After successful identification of the problem and its cause, the plumber initiates the process of repair with your approval. Our plumbers are equipped with state-of-the-art supplies and possess phenomenal skills for carrying out perfect repairs. To identify any hidden problem, we also offer a comprehensive service where our plumber looks for potential problems. The purpose of this service is to eradicate the need for constant repairs. If there is a need for new parts to be installed, we have an array of genuine products at our store for that purpose.

Why you should ask Master?

Identifying the repair needs of garbage disposal is not easy. Garbage disposal is not an essential appliance but it sure makes your life easy. Therefore, if you get even the slightest indication that your garbage disposal may need a repair, it is better to be safe than sorry. Call us today and we will send one of our experienced plumbers at your place to examine the problem thoroughly. A timely repair has the potential to save you a lot of money.

Call for an estimate

It is a common misconception that garbage disposal related service comes at a high cost. People prefer getting the disposal replaced than to get it repaired fearing that the repair will be followed by numerous repairs in the future. While it is beneficial in some cases, most cases require minimal repair which saves you a lot of money as compared to replacement. CJ Plumbing & Heating offers considerably cheaper services in the greater Chicago region. The high quality of repair and installation services that we offer are aimed to provide you with a long-term facility. Call us to get an estimate for your requirements. We promise that you will be surprised to hear the cost of our unparalleled garbage disposal services.

The highly skilled and licensed plumbers at CJ Plumbing & Heating are the epitome of professional service providers for kitchen plumbing. Their expertise allows them to deliver fast services without sacrificing the quality. The cheapest rates for our unprecedented services in the greater Chicago region is the cherry on the top.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not necessary to have a garbage disposal installed in your kitchen. However, it adds more comfort to your life and lets you enjoy your meals without worrying about collecting the small leftovers to throw them out later.

Our expert plumbers always carry out thorough testing of the garbage disposal. Our installation process is transparent and flawless but we make it perfect with our testing and ensure that the disposal is installed perfectly.
Yes. Our plumbers are highly proficient in installing any kind of garbage disposal. Our rich experience allows us to perfectly install the latest garbage disposals in your kitchen.

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