Sewer Camera Inspections

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Sewer Camera Inspections

What problem we can find?

The best-in-class sewer camera inspection at CJ Plumbing & Heating is your optimum solution for all the sewer problems such as slow water drainage, an overflowing toilet, or a bad odor. We resolve the stoppage or drainage issues in your sewer pipe by identifying the source of the problem through our unblemished sewer pipe inspection. These issues are most commonly caused by mud, roots, blockages, or broken pipes identified by our cameras. This inspection also equips us in determining the flow of water through the system and the architecture of your sewer system connections. Through the location devices installed in our cameras, we are able to identify the exact source of the problem.

Why is sewer camera inspection necessary?

Don’t wait for the potential sewer problems to turn into calamities and ruin your day. A sewer camera inspection is not only the optimum solution for the existing problems but it is also an eminent method of identifying the potential problems in your sewer system. The waterproof cameras used by our expert plumbers assure the identification of any and all hidden problems in your sewer system. Being highly flexible, the cameras used for this purpose are able to travel through the system without any hassle. Moreover, a typical home inspection does not include a camera sewer inspection which exposes you to the possibility of high water bills or sewer problems. The state-of-the-art equipment at CJ Plumbing & Heating & Heating ensures that your sewer system undergoes the finest inspection.

Camera pipe inspection

A sewer camera is typically a high-resolution camera that is attached to the head of a rod. This rod is inserted into the main sewer line to examine the sewer pipe. Being highly flexible, the camera is able to travel through the plethora of twists in the sewer system. Through this camera, a real-time feed can be seen on a monitor which is also saved for future references. The skilled plumbers at CJ Plumbing & Heating are able to deduce the issues in the system by looking at this feed. The camera is also equipped with a location device. This device sends out a signal that is received to pinpoint the location of the issue by our plumbers, through another device on the ground.

When you need sewer rodding?

Slow water drainage from your sink, an overflowing toilet, foul smell, and strange noises are the most common indicators that you need a sewer rodding. Essentially, these issues are associated with a blockage in your sewer system and sewer rodding is the most preferred technique to address this blockage. In sewer rodding, a sewer or drain rod is used as a piece of plumbing equipment that is inserted into the main sewer line to unclog the debris. If the blockage is not attended to, it eventually leads to the accumulation of highly contaminated water most commonly known as dark water. This unhygienic dark water inevitably leads to a number of health problems such as infections. Sewer rodding also ensures a long life for your sewer pipes.

How does it work?

The first and foremost thing required in the process of sewer rodding is a flexible, high-quality plumbing rod that is not available commonly. Next, a highly experienced plumber inserts this rod into a pipe, drain, or a manhole depending upon the location of the blockage. After this, the plumber uses the inserted rod to remove the blockage from the pipe without damaging the pipe itself. This task requires high precision and skill otherwise it results in greater damage to the pipe. It is imperative to consider that this task is not a DIY task and should be left to professionals only. Such professional and highly skilled plumbers are at your disposal at CJ Plumbing & Heating.  Apart from our extensive expertise, we have the best kind of equipment. The rods available at CJ Plumbing & Heating are made of the finest material which is flexible enough to allow smooth bends and at the same time, it is rigid enough to remove the debris.

Our features

The elite class of professional plumbers at CJ Plumbing & Heating & Heating  possess comprehensive knowledge to ensure the finest quality of service when it comes to unclogging the debris from your sewer system. Our expertise allows us to deliver quick results without sacrificing the quality of the service. We value the time of our customers and understand the need for sewer related services which is why our plumbers provide optimum services regardless of the weather. If there is mild rain outside or even a thunderstorm, our plumbers are always at your disposal.

Chicago sewer installation and repair

Chicago sewer installation

Providing the best sewer installation in the Chicago area, CJ Plumbing & Heating comprises of highly skilled plumbers with vast experience. Recognizing the importance of a sewer system in your household, we provide the fastest and safest sewer installation.

Innovative technology

We operate with the latest and most innovative technology such as a laser level to determine the elevation, PVC pipes joined with gasketed fittings or solvent glue, high-quality sewer cameras to ensure that everything is perfect, and state-of-the-art trenchers among several other devices.

With our protracted experience, we are acquainted with all the in’s and out’s of getting approvals on the Chicago area. Especially, in the case of getting approvals for temporary sewer structure installation, we promise the shortest possible time. We are familiar with all the regulations and are licensed plumbing service providers in Chicago.

Apart from skill and expertise, the plumbers at CJ Plumbing & Heating also exhibit the charisma of professionalism. We respect our client’s demands and strive for meeting their deadlines without sacrificing quality. The friendly nature of our plumbers is the cherry on the top.

With every fast and safe installation or repair, our customers also enjoy considerable warranties and guarantees for the parts. We believe in establishing lifelong relationships which is why we ensure that the next blockage or leakage will not be a cause for your anxiety.


Our fast service is only the tip of the iceberg. The plumbers at CJ Plumbing & Heating are recruited after a rigorous process which is followed by specialized training to ensure the optimum quality of service to our customers. The incorporation of the latest tools and equipment further equips us to offer unblemished services. The reasonable cost for excellent services is another reason why Chicago area residents always prefer CJ Plumbing & Heating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The sewer camera inspection is extremely helpful. It not only identifies the clog but also gives you the information regarding the condition of your pipes. If your pipe is on the verge of breakage or a leak, the camera inspection identifies it and allows you to take certain steps before it becomes a costly affair.

Sewer rodding is the fastest way to ensure that your drains are clean. It cleans out any debris from your sewer system in no time.
Yes. We have installed several sewer systems in the greater Chicago area. Our licensed and experienced plumbers are the best qualified for this job.

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