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Chicago Frozen Pipes Service


How are we working with frozen pipes?

CJ Plumbing & Heating offers a comprehensive service for frozen pipes in the greater Chicago area. Due to the severe cold, frozen pipes have become a common dilemma for the Chicago residents. Catering to their needs, CJ Plumbing & Heating has been offering the best repair, replacement, and installation services for almost 3 decades. Whether it is a leak or a broken pipe due to the freezing, we have you covered. Our highly-skilled, licensed plumbers provide unblemished service followed by thorough testing which is why we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Don’t wait for the problem to become a disaster, call us today and we will send our expert plumber for your repairs done right.

Most Encountered Problems

A freezing pipe gives rise to a plethora of problems for your health and the health of your house. Some of the popular problems include

1.A surge in your water bill even if you have normal consumption.
2.Wet spots or soft spots leading to the wrapping or swelling of your wall, ceiling or on your floor, compromising the structural integrity.
3.Low pressure in your taps and faucets.
4.The unhygienic environment due to water leakage followed by the growth of mold or mildew


Why pipe freezing is a problem

Due to the chilling temperature in the greater Chicago area, water often freezes inside the pipes. This freezing of water leads to an expansion which exerts pressure on the walls of the pipe regardless of the material of the pipe. Eventually, the pipe either breaks or incurs a leak. This results in the swelling of your walls, ceilings, and floors. A leaking or broken pipe can also be the reason why you are getting a high water bill. Further, the pipes located in unheated areas like basement or attic are prone to bursting. When the water freezes inside the pipe, the flow of incoming water is blocked. This results in immense pressure on the pipe walls which subsequently results in a burst. Apart from the high monetary expenses, when the pipe ruptures, it exposes the nearby electric appliances to water which can cause extensive damage to your appliances as well as your house. This can also lead to the flooding of your basement if it is not attended to.

How to protect pipes from freezing

Winterizing is the most prominent process to protect your pipes from the chilly temperature. By adhering to following practices, you can safeguard your pipes from breakage, leakage, or bursting.

1. Insulating the pipes is a sure way to protect them from the cold. There are several insulation materials available in the market that you can use. The most common materials are Insulation sleeves, heat tapes, or slip-on foam while some of the best options to ensure complete insulation are wrapping sheets and tubes made of polyethylene or fibreglass.
2. Don’t forget to insulate your hose bibs and faucets with insulating covers. These covers are cheap and save you from a lot of trouble. For the outdoor hoses, drain them and remove them if possible.
3. An electronic solution for the record-breaking cold is heating tapes. These tapes are used to cover a pipe and supply heat generated through a thermostat for protection from the cold.
4. Identify all the pipes that are exposed to cold and provide extra insulation for them. For instance, the pipes in the garage or under the kitchen cabinet.
5. To ensure optimum and complete protection of your pipes, call a professional plumber from CJ Plumbing & heating.


How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

The obvious practice is to ensure that the pipes inside your house are not exposed to cold. For this, you need to seal any cracks or holes in the walls of your household which otherwise act as the entry point of cold winds.

If you plan on going away for a trip, make sure that you empty the water from all the pipes as any water inside the pipes and freeze, expand, and break your pipes. Use an air compressor to blow the water out of the pipes, completely.

Also, make sure that you keep a warm temperature inside your house so that the pipes inside stay warm too. For this, keep the thermostat set to a constant temperature. It may give your higher electricity bill but it will save you a lot of cost from potential pipe leakage and bursting.

Stagnant water is more prone to freezing which is why you should consider leaving a faucet dripping so that the water keeps flowing. In case you can not empty the pipes, you can also add antifreeze to standing water such as in tank or toilet to prevent it from freezing.

How to thaw frozen pipes

If you detect a leak or suspect a frozen pipe, turn off the main water supply first. If you thaw the pipe, chances are that the water will start running out from a leak previously occupied by frozen water which can result in flooding. Once you have shut the main supply, identify the portion of the pipe which is frozen. Next, use an electric heater, a hairdryer, or any other devices which blow hot air. The use of flammable devices such as blowtorch, kerosene heater, charcoal stove, or propane heater is strictly prohibited. Apply the heat until the frozen water starts flowing. Once you thaw the pipe, check for leaks. It is also advised to check for other frozen pipes. Thawing requires great precision and knowledge. If you are not confident in how to unfreeze the pipe, don’t take chances and call a licensed plumber from CJ Plumbing & Heating to get professional help. We have state-of-the-art equipment to properly thaw the pipes. We also provide the best insulation services to ensure your pipes are safe from the cold weather in the future.

CJ Plumbing & Heating is your salvation for the frozen pipe services in the greater Chicago area. Our licensed and highly-skilled plumbers possess great expertise and ensure complete customer satisfaction. Whether it is repairing, preventing, installing, or protecting the pipes, our plumbers will visit you in no time. We offer the fastest high-quality services at the lowest cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are on a vacation, no one will be using any water in your house. Therefore, the water present in the pipes will be susceptible to freezing which will result in frozen pipes, leaks, and other problems.

No. Insulation alone cannot ensure the safety of your household plumbing. There are several precautions needed for this purpose. Call a professional plumber from CJ Plumbing & Heating to be 100% sure.

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