9 Common Household Water Leaks to Look Out For

No one is a stranger to water leaks. No one is particularly fond of them either.

Water leaks can range from being abrupt and out in the open to being silent and hard to find. They are inconvenient and costly, especially if left undetected or not repaired in a timely manner. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average family household goes through 9,400 gallons per year from leaks alone.

So instead of burning a hole through your wallet and putting you and your loved ones at risk from potential flooding and water damage, familiarize yourself with the common household water leaks so that you can take proper preventative action.

1. Leaky Faucets

You depend on your faucet whenever you cook, wash your face and hands, brush your teeth, or even fill up your water pitcher. It’s annoying, costly, and potentially hazardous when it’s not working. Common causes for a leaky faucet include corrosion, mineral buildup, water pressure, and loose or worn out parts like O-rings, washers, and seals.

2. Under Sink Leaks

Sometimes the culprit is right under your nose, or your bathroom or kitchen sink in this case. Check under your cabinet for water damage. The issue may have started with a clogged drain, faulty seal, loose water supply, leakage through the space of the rim or faucet base and the countertop, or corroded valve seat.

3. Shower Leaks

Showers are supposed to be relaxing, not troublesome. Leaky shower heads can easily be replaced and can immediately help with reducing your monthly water bill. If you have a standing shower or tiles along your wall, you can experience tile leaks from deteriorating grout or caulk. This can leave you prone to mold, rot or damage to the walls or subfloor.

4. Bathtub Leaks

Tub leaks are particularly tricky compared to many other leaks, due to their abundant plumbing fixtures. Fill up the bathtub with water and listen for water seeping through cracks or tiles. Even if you think you’ve identified the source, you should contact a professional plumber to double-check for faucet leaks, drain pipe leaks, and overflow pipe leaks.

5. Toilet Leaks

It’s never a good sign when you spot a pool of water around the bottom of the toilet. If left unattended, toilet leaks can rot flooring, underlayment or framing. Faulty flapper or valves, damaged or wrongly sealed wax rings, and loose bolts are the first places you should inspect before fixing the leak or calling in professional help.

6. Refrigerator Leaks 

There’s a puddle of water under your fridge and it’s not from mopping. It’s possible that the fridge is not leveled or the defrost drain has been blocked, either from ice buildup or food and debris clogging up the drain hose. Underneath your fridge is a drain pan. It’s also worth investigating whether or not the pan is cracked or overflowing.

7. Washing Machine Leaks

Don’t panic. Your washing machine might be leaking, but that doesn’t mean you should rush into buying a new one just yet. Make sure there’s nothing inside the washing machine, move it away from the wall, and start the fill cycle to spot any leaks. You may then need to replace the supply hose, washer drain pump, washer belt or tub fitting to stop the leakage.

8. Irrigation System Leaks

You already know that running your sprinklers is going to tack onto your water bill. But if the numbers look higher than normal or some of your lawn is dryer than it should be, then you might have an irrigation system leak on your hands. It’s possible that there’s a sprinkler head leak or zone valve issue.

9. Pool Leaks

When hit by the Chicago heat during the summer, it’s only natural to go for a swim. But if you find yourself constantly refilling the pool with more than 2 inches of water per week, your pool could be leaking. Look for cracks in the steps or tile, behind fixtures and returns, or at the bottom if you have a vinyl liner pool. If there are broken pipes or underground leaks, hire a plumbing company as they will have the expertise and equipment to repair any damages.

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