Why Your Home Needs a Water Pressure Booster

Rotating the tap only to find a drop of water? That’s what happens when you don’t have a pressure booster pump. Imagine living a life with low water pressure in your home. Isn’t a good sight? Isn’t it?

So we at CJ Plumbing & Heating, are here with a few guidelines and things that you ought to know about pressure booster pumps for your homes. Read below to find out more.

What is a booster pump?

A booster pump helps in increasing the low water pressure and its flow through your faucets. The booster pump helps move the water from the storage tank to the entire house.

What is causing low water pressure at your place?


  • Issues in Plumbing: Before investing directly into a water pressure booster, make sure that you check the plumbing prior to that. There is a chance that the lower water pressure may be due to the faults in some plumbing work.
  • Area’s Water Pressure: It is quite possible that the low water pressure at your place may even be due to the low water pressure of the area. It isn’t necessary that there is an issue at your place.
  • Source of water: Distance from the water source is a big factor in deciding the pressure of water in your place. If your place is at the end of the water supply line, there’s a strong chance that you might be on the lower share of water supply.
  • Gravity: Gravity plays a vital role in deciding the flow or share of water. The higher the place of water delivery, the difficult it gets to deliver it there. This is where a booster pump does its job.


Tips on Installing a Booster Pump


  • Always make sure that you install your booster pump in a correct manner. While installing make sure that the pump isn’t directly installed directly to copper lines as this would cause some large amount of irritable vibrations.
  • Install the booster pump right at the source. A booster pump works as a diversion from your source of water to your place of delivery of water.
  • Most of the water pressure booster pumps are either activated by the flow rate or the pressure rate or both of them.
  • Always have a bypass in case of emergencies. In case, your booster pump fails to operate, the bypass does the job till the time you troubleshoot the issue.


Do You Need A Booster Pump?

At CJ Plumbing & Heating, our team knows what you need and ensures that all your issues are tackled efficiently.

In case, you have been facing consistent low water pressure, and there’s no evident leak, then your place i.e. house or place of business might be in need of a pressure booster pump.

In order to determine your requirement of a pressure booster in your home, we make sure that our team takes into account certain prime factors such as the water requirement, the preferred water pressure, the current flow rate and more.

Our team of professionals will help you in sorting your requirement of a booster pump in the best manner possible.

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