Your Perfect Utility Room

A utility room acts as an escape mechanism for many. It’s the room of the house which screams ‘adulthood’ like anything. So why to keep it all boring and mundane? We’re here to make sure that your utility room turns out to be one of the best places to be at your house. So, the next time you do a task like laundry, it won’t seem like a task.

Factors to consider for the perfect utility room


  • Location: The location of your utility room is what matters the most. In the early days, people used to prefer keeping their utility rooms in the basement. This was mainly done to keep the rest of the home free from noise.However, some people tend to keep the utility room on the same floor level as the other rooms. This is basically done to reduce the passage time and increase efficiency in a manner.
  • Noise: As mentioned above, the second thing to consider while making a utility room is the noise that is going to echo in your utility room. Any washing machine which operates at 1,000 rpm or above is bound to generate much noise. A good quality door might help with that.
  • Sort, Load, Wash, Dry: Before you get on with your utility room, make sure that you have optimal space for washing, sorting the clothes while washing, make a shelf with all your detergents and other products you might need for loading. Apart from that have a tabletop counter for folding your clothes, after they are done in the machine.


Installations in a Utility Room

Before you go ahead with the installation of utility room, make sure to get the basics right. Make sure that you have optimal space for your machine and equipment. Make sure that you have different lines for hot water supply and cold as well.

At CJ Plumbing & Heating, our team makes sure that you are ready for any issue that might arise in your utility room. Flooding is quite a possibility in a utility room, hence we recommend using a drip pan beneath your machine. Moreover, an automatic shutoff mechanism in case of a leak might work well in a utility room.

Utility Rooms Tips

Before you begin operating your utility room, here are some important tips that you should consider :

  • Always run the washing machine when it has a full load.
  • Consider replacing an older model of a washing machine with a newer model in a stipulated period of time. Not only will it consume lesser power, but be more efficient with water usage.
  • Keep a frequent check on your washing machine’s hoses for any cuts or leaks. Replace any hose showing any signs of weariness.
  • Ensure that all the drains have strainers on it in order to prevent the debris like hair, soap etc from clogging the drain.

At CJ Plumbing & Heating, we make sure that all your plumbing and installation needs are met with ease. Our professional mechanics will help you in installing the right equipment in the right places.

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