The Importance of Water Filters

The Importance of Water Filters

Have you noticed a bitter or abnormal taste in your tap water? Does it taste as though it’s not clean? That may actually be the case as this is a common problem, particularly in larger cities. It’s also common in areas with low-quality filtration systems like apartment complexes. 

Water filters are the ideal way to address this problem. Water filtration systems help remove minerals in your water to give you the purest, most natural form possible. Plus, it tastes way better!

Let’s talk more about why you should filter your water.

How Do Water Filtration Systems Work?

Water filters work in one of two ways: physical or chemical filtration. 

In physical water filtration, tap water is run through a water filter with a mesh-like material inside. This material is used to remove larger particles from polluted water. In chemical filtration, water filters use smart-technology to filter out toxins and chemicals in polluted water.  

There are numerous kinds of water filtration systems, but the most common ones are the ones that are stored in your fridge.

Is It Safe to Drink Tap Water Without A Filter?

When it comes to filtered water versus tap water, they are both safe to consume. Tap water is safe to drink in the United States as it contains chlorine and other sterilizing agents. 

However, depending on your location and the source of the water supply, the water flowing out your sink may be hard, full of unhealthy minerals, and contain small levels of contamination from pharmaceuticals and chemical additives. 

Of course, drinking unfiltered water will not cause significant harm to you immediately, but it can cause damage to your health over time. It’s best to use a water filtration system such as a Brita water filter to remove any minerals or toxins in the water.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

If you still find yourself questioning, “why do we need a water filter?” or “do you really need to filter your water?”, keep reading. There are numerous health benefits to using a water filter, including:

  1. Water filters remove chlorine
  2. Filtered water improves the health of your skin
  3. Has been shown to aid in headache reduction
  4. Decreases the amount of limescale
  5. Has been shown to improve acid reflux as toxins are being removed
  6. Enhances digestion
  7. Improves oral health
  8. Smells better due to the reduction in chemicals
  9. Improves the taste and vibrance of food
  10. Filtered water just tastes better!

These are just a few of the benefits of filtered water in comparison to unfiltered water. Using a water filter is ideal if you’re noticing a metallic taste or unusual odor. 

What Are the Different Types of Water Filters?

There are several kinds of water filtration systems. The most common include water pitchers and sink nozzle additives. Water pitchers come in a variety of sizes and can be stored in your fridge. The only downside to them is you do have to refill them often. However, the water filters that hook on to the bottom of the sink nozzle do not need such work. You just attach them and turn on the sink.! 

Improve Your Household Water Quality with CJ Plumbing & Heating

The importance of a water filtration system really comes down to taking care of your health. If you’re noticing acid reflux, joint pain, or headaches, then there’s a strong chance that it’s the result of your water. Consider investing in a high-quality water filter to improve the quality of your tap water. It’s better for your health and it tastes better!

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